BFO Feedlot Management School 2023

Two fantastic days of KTT!

photograph of cattle in a feedlot

Feedlot Management School run by the Beef Farmers of Ontario was two busy days showing some of the University of Guelph and OMAFRA's latest research as well as two innovative feedlot opeerations. There was a fantastic turnout of approximately 90 participants!

The first day began at the University of Guelph. Dr. Marcio Duarte and his student Sarah Dean shared some of their latest work on fat deposition and carcass quality highlighting Dean's thesis on vitamin A in the Meat Lab. Dr. Katie Wood and her student Katie Kroeze discussed fecal starch and feed processing with a tutorial of the Penn State Particle Seperator. Lastly, Dr. Cynthia Miltenburg touched on her lameness study sharing some thoughts on hoof health. 

The second day consisted of feedlot tours. The first operation visited was Marvin Bukhart & Family's, the second HM & Sons. There was much to learn from these operations with presentations from Jason Koudys from AgSights teaching about ultrasounding, Dr. Van Mitchell from Metzger Veterinary Services touching on feedlot health, and a vaccine session with Dr. Jacques van Zyl from Metzger Veterinary Services. 

Thank you very much to those who came out and learned with us!

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