The Beef@Guelph initiative is meant to increase collaboration between beef researchers across the University of Guelph, provide a place where industry contacts can connect with researchers in a specific area, and allow producers, veterinarians, industry representatives, and other stakeholders to access project results to get beef research into action.

Our mission

Increase the profile of beef research at the University of Guelph and put beef research into action!


  1. Increase collaborative research across all disciplines at the University of Guelph to raise the profile of beef research at Guelph
  2. Create a central portal for all stakeholders to access research and knowledge and technology transfer activities relating to all beef related research topics and serve as a promary point of contact for beef industry expertise at the University of Guelph
  3. Increase networking and connectiveness between Beef@Guelph researchers and industry stakeholders
  4. Increase the number of research projects supporting beef cattle research interests


The University of Guelph is located at 50 Stone Road East, Guelph, Ontario Canada.